Case Study of Traumatic Care in Children with Diarrhea in The Flamboyant Inpatient Room at TK. III Hospital Dr. R. Soeharsono Banjarmasin


  • Baidah Baidah Akper Kesdam VI/Tpr
  • Ridho Haqiqi


Nursing Care, Atraumatic Care, Diarrhea


Background : Children when they are hospitalized are very afraid when they are given medical treatment by nurses and doctors. when the children saw the health workers approaching them even though they were only doing the examination the children were still scared, from the expressions on their faces they looked scared and also cried. in frequent cases, most children have diarrhea. Children with diarrhea often look cranky and restless.

Purpose: To obtain information or an overview of atraumatic care case studies in children with diarrhea

Research Methods: using a case study design with a nursing care approach. The subject of this case study was a pediatric patient who had diarrhea with mild/moderate dehydration, and was hospitalized in the children's room for 3 days.

Results: the data obtained in the study showed that children with diarrhea looked weak and cranky on the first day of hospitalization, slow skin turgor, fussy, restless, cried when they saw health workers, on the second day the children seemed calm after being given a gadget by the patient's parents and ignoring the health workers giving injections and examinations.

Conclusion: Atraumatic care for children with diarrhea can be overcome by providing a gadget to relieve fear


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