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banana sheath, immobilization, upper extremity fracture


Ability of the Banana Midrib to Immobilizethe Mannequin of the Upper Extremity Fracture (Ulna Radius). The most injured limbs are the upper extremities after the lower extremities. The number of accidentsthat occurred with 5.8% of injured victims or about 8 million people suffered fractures with the most common type of fracture also occurring in the upper extremity fracture of 36.9%. The objective is to determine the effectiveness of the banana midrib to immobilize fracture of the radius of the ulna.This research method using an experimental method with a quantitative approach. The research method is pre-experimental with a group comparison statistical design. From the results of statistical tests using the Mann-Whitney test, it was found that the p-value (0.002) < (0.05) means that there is a significant difference in angle changes in the modified mannequin media for ulnar radius fracture within 1 hour between the use of splints. Manufacturer and use of banana midrib (difference 7.86 degrees has a significant/significant difference). There is a comparison between changes for 1 hour using a banana midrib found a change in angle of 10 due to a shift while using a wooden splint, there was no change in the angle, but still 180.


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