Red Guava ( Psidium Guajava ) Juice as an Alternative to Increase Hb Levels of Anemia in Pregnant Women : Literature Review


  • Nisrina Isnovinda Sari mulia university
  • Susan Suhartati
  • Dini Rahmayani


Red guava, Anemia in pregnant women, Psidium guajava


Background: Anemia in pregnant women can increase the risk of premature birth, maternal and child mortality, and infectious diseases. Iron deficiency anemia in the mother can affect the growth and development of the fetus/infant during pregnancy and afterward. The prevalence of anemia in pregnant women is estimated to be 44.2% in Indonesia. Based on the results of the 2018 survey, data on the proportion of anemia in pregnant women increased from 37.1% (2013) to 48.9% (2018).
Objective: To analyze the benefits of red guava juice ( Psidium Guajava ) as an alternative in increasing HB levels in anemic pregnant women.
Methods: This study uses the Literature Review method by using several sources selected based on predetermined criteria .
Result: red guava juice ( Psidium guajava ) has an effect on increasing HB levels in pregnant women with anemia. Giving red guava juice accompanied by consuming Fe tablets regularly as an alternative to increase Hb levels in pregnant women.
Conclusion: The increase in hb levels of anemic pregnant women who consumed red guava juice for 7-14 days accompanied by consuming Fe tablets increased with an interval of 0.85-3.25gr/dl or an average of 1.893 gr/dl


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