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umbilical cord cares, long time loose, newborn baby


According to WHO, cases of death in newborns due to umbilical cord infection in the world are very high with an estimated 4 million newborn deaths each year reaching 550,000 more than 50% of deaths that occur in Africa and Southeast Asia, it is very important to do proper umbilical cord care. properly in accordance with hygiene standards, namely the umbilical cord is cared for in a clean and sterile condition and is protected from infection of the umbilical cord in newborns. To find out scientific evidence of the relationship between umbilical cord is released in newbrons. The research method used is literature review using Google Scholar 11 journals and articles based on predetermined criteria. Based on 11 journals it can be concluded that the most effective treatment or the festest drying or removal of the umbilical cord is to use the open treatment method, namely the umbilical cord is left open so that it is exposed to direct air by not wrapping the umbilical cord and without being spiked with anything it will come off on the day 4, ,while the umbilical cord treatment using a closed treatment method using alcohol gauze will make the umbilical cord become moist and wet so that it slows down the process of releasing umbilical cord, will come off on day 9. open umbilical cord treatment is faster to fall off or fall off compared to closed treatment.


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