The Effect of Castor Oil (Ricinus communis) on the Duration of the First Stage of Labor.


  • Dhea Elfialy Anindara Universitas Sari Mulia
  • Sismeri Dona
  • Dede Mahdiyah


oil, Ricinus communis, labor, duration, contraction


Background : Labor and birth are normal physiological events. The birth of a baby is also a social event that the mother and family look forward to for 9 months. The last few hours of pregnancy are marked by uterine contractions that cause thinning, dilatation of the cervix and forcing the fetus out through the birth canal. Weakening of contractions or inadequate contractions is the most common cause of uneventful labor or often referred to as the absence of progress in labor in the first stage. One of the non-pharmacological alternative ways to help progress in the first stage of labor is by consuming castor oil which contains palmitic, oleic, linoleic and linoleic acids. ricinoleic acid which stimulates the hypothalamus to secrete the hormone oxytocin and the activity of the hormone Prostaglandin E Receptor to increase smooth muscle contraction in the myometrium thereby shortening the duration of the first stage of labor.

Objective: To determine the effect of giving castor oil on the duration of the first stage of labor.

Methods: This study uses a systematic review, which is one method that uses a review, analysis, structured evaluation, classification, and categorization of the evidence based that has been produced previously. The data used are 3 international journals obtained from the screening results of a number of journals from international journal portals, PubMed, SciePub, Elsevier.

Results: From 3 journals, it was found that the administration of Castor Oil (Ricinus communis) can shorten the duration of labor with the content of Castor Oil such as ricinoleic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid.

Conclusion: Based on the study that has been done by the author, it is concluded that based on 3 journals, castor oil has an effect on cervical dilatation and effacement so that it affects the duration of labor. 


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