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Husband's support, baby blue



Background : Baby Blues Syndrome or Postpartum Blues is sadness or moodiness after giving birth, usually only appears temporarily, which is about two days to three weeks from the birth of the baby. From WHO data in 2018 it was recorded that the incidence of Baby blues in general in the world population was 3-8% with 50% of cases occurring in productive ages, namely 20-50 years. According to (Munawaroh 2018) the prevalence of Baby blues in Asian countries is quite high. and varies between 26-85% of postpartum women. In Indonesia, the incidence is between 50-70% of postpartum women (lina 2016).

Objective : To review the literature reviewing the incidence of baby blues and reviewing the literature to review the relationship between husband's support and the incidence of baby blues. 

Methods : this study uses a literature review study approach by using several sources of journals or articles selected based on predetermined criteria.

Results : based on a literature review of 10 journals, it was found that 10 journals said the factor causing the baby blues was due to psychological factors where many mothers were primiparous. Of the 10 journals found, there were 9 journals that stated that husband's support was in the form of emotional support. Instrumental support and the results from the 10 journals said that there was a relationship between husband's support and the incidence of baby blues in postpartum mothers 

S impulan : 10 journal said there was a relationship with the husband's support baby blue incident on postpartum mothers



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