Keynote Speaker



Dr. Dede Mahdiyah, M.Si

Head of the institute for entrepreneurial innovation and research ethics

Universitas Sari Mulia


Dr. Adriana Palimbo, S.Si.T.,M.Kes

Head of Student affairs and alumni institute

Universitas Sari Mulia


Pornpan Inta, RN, M.N.S. (Advance midwifery).

A Lecturer from Faculty of Nursing, Naresuan University, Thailand


Dr. Jenny Bouffete, Eng Metallurgy, Eng Mec, MSc, DEA

Professor of metallurgy Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tarbes – France

Has served as chairman of the association of AAI in France which has been established since 1999


Abdiaziz Abdulle

International Relationship Manager of Aston College


Maria Eloisa Julian Reolalas, Ph.D

Doctor Of Philosophy Education In Rethoric And Linguistics

Department of Education Gonzaga National High School