P Peningkatan Kualitas Ekonomi Masyarakat Melalui Budidaya Tanaman Hidroponik Di Sekitar Sungai Alalak


  • Tuti Alawiyah Universitas Sari Mulia
  • Setia Budi Sari Mulia University
  • Noval Noval Sari Mulia University


The Alalak River is one of the largest rivers in the city of Banjarmasin. The economy of the Alalak River community is still lagging behind due to inadequate human resources. One of the stages of increasing human resources is the need for supporting training that can improve the economy of the Alalak River by utilizing riverside land through hydroponic plants. This training aims to facilitate residents in learning how to make a plant hydroponic system, starting from how to assemble the system to how to care for and provide proper nutrition to plants. In general, the implementation of training to improve the quality of the community's economy through the cultivation of hydroponic plants around the Alalak River is divided into 3 stages: conducting education, conducting training and evaluating training activities. The results of this evaluation activity show that the Alalak River community was able to increase the knowledge and skills of the Alalak River community on how to grow hydroponics using used bottles