T Training on Making Vegetable Nuggets for Parents of "Pelita Bangsa" PAUD Students, Kertak Hanyar District


  • Darini Kurniawati Universitas Sari Mulia
  • Rahmadani


Many children don't like eating vegetables, but love nuggets, therefore nuggets can be created by adding vegetables which can be an alternative to increase their nutritional value, one of which is spinach and carrots. The service method involves education and training in making vegetable nuggets, located at Pelita Bangsa PAUD with a location in Manarap Lama Village, Kertak Hanyar District, Banjar Regency, South Kalimantan Province. The number of PAUD students is 28 children with 3 teachers during learning and playing. As participants in this service, parents of students happened to be present, all mothers, as well as PAUD students, were introduced to vegetables which have benefits for the health and development of children's growth. Education takes the form of providing materials and showing videos on processing vegetable nuggets as well as the practice of slicing vegetable ingredients correctly. To find out PAUD students' understanding of vegetables, the service team distributed pictures of vegetables and PAUD students colored the pictures with the appropriate colors.Evaluate service activities by conducting pre-tests and post-tests on parents of PAUD students. The conclusion from the results of the pre-test and post-test evaluation was that there was an increase in knowledge with a significant increase in post-test scores from the pre-test and children wanted to eat vegetables that had been made into nuggets. Keywords: children, nuggets, vegetables



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