G GETAR SYANDU (Smart Kader Posyandu Movement) in Improving Parenting Patterns Of Toddler Parents


  • Dhea Adiyani Putri UNISM
  • Ika Avrilina Haryono Sari Mulia University


Kader, Parenting, Toddler


The toddler years are a very critical early period of parenting. If parents fail to care for and educate their children during this period, it will have a negative impact on the next development period. Posyandu or integrated service post is a health service whose function is to facilitate health checks for the community, especially pregnant women and their toddlers, in order to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates and create happy and prosperous small families. Herefore, posyandu becomes a facilitator between the services of health workers and the activeness of residents in overcoming health problems in their surroundings. In the field of health development, Posyandu cadres are needed as the main driver. The posyandu administrators are tasked with monitoring and managing the growth and development of toddlers who attend the posyandu every month. Because cadres best understand the people in their area. Based on the results of the recapitulation of monthly reports in Nawin Village, Haruai District, Tabalong Regency, the results in December 2023 showed that the total number of toddlers in the Posyandu area was 104 toddlers (S), as many as 121 toddlers had KMS (K), only 61 toddlers came at the time. posyandu in December. In this way, community participation coverage (D/S) will be obtained at 41%, which is stated to have not reached the national target with a minimum figure of 85%. The method applied in this activity is GETAR SYANDU, namely the Smart Movement of Posyandu Cadres in Improving Parenting Patterns for Parents of Toddlers. Conclusion: With this activity, it was found that several cadres were able to independently provide counseling regarding parenting patterns for parents of toddlers using supporting information media in the form of Flip Sheets. It is hoped that the cadres will continue to carry out parenting counseling for parents of toddlers to continue this activity.


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