P Pijat Oksitosin Sebagai Upaya Optimalisasi Dalam Peningkatan Cakupan Asi Ekslusif Di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Pasar Sabtu


  • Novalia Widya Ningrum Universitas Sari Mulia
  • Putri Yuliantie Universitas sari mulia
  • Dwi Rahmawati Universitas sari mulia


Mother's Milk (ASI) Is Natural Nutrition For Babies With The Most Suitable Nutritional Content For Optimal Growth. Based On The Results Of Riskesdas, Exclusive Breastfeeding For Babies For 6 Months Is Only 40.6%, Far From The National Target Of 80%. Lack Of Milk Production Is One Of The Reasons Mothers Decide To Give Formula Milk To Their Babies. Breast Milk Expenditure Can Be Influenced By Two Factors, Namely Production And Expenditure. Milk Production Is Influenced By The Hormone Prolactin While Expenditure Is Influenced By The Hormone Oxytocin. Massage Is One Solution To Overcome The Uneven Production Of Breast Milk. Massage Is Massage Along The Spine (Vertebrae) To The Fifth-Sixth Costal Bones And Is An Attempt To Stimulate The Hormones Prolactin And Oxytocin After Childbirth. So To Overcome Failures And Problems In The Breastfeeding Process, It Is Recommended To Use Oxytocin Massage, Where Oxytocin Massage Is One Of The Solutions To Overcome The Uneven Production Of Breast Milk.